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we are jesus and we are satan we gave them bodies and we gave them faces we are their potter, still making changes we are 10,000 dead in a war that was won we are the father, holy spirit, and the smoking gun we are the future that will repeat what we have done we are a mother with a bag over her head we are a father in the cold with a drink in his hands we are a divorce that never found its end we are the pill that fell down a throat we are the silent specter hides in old homes we are closet monster waiting till the child's alone we are the wind and we are the sand we shift and change till we become with the land we are brush in the painters hand we are comic book heros, the strong the brave lost in a world where we're the ones to save the day but with our masks off we have no place to stay we are x's and we are y's we are breast cancer and the clock that tells time we are dust, we are carbon that binds we are love and we are hate we are war, poverty, and rape we are the apple that eve ate we are hero's with a thousand faces we are the face god, but we made it ourselves it's made of plastic, so please don't ever tell we gave light to heaven, and fire to hell we are lovers in a falling building and the promise of the diamond wedding ring we are artists with dirt in our hands we are, we are each other and one day we will find that if love is real, then maybe we're really alive until the clock finds the end of time this is how it begins and this how it ends just hold each moment as you pull on the minute hand and think how you are everyone you've ever met
in a cold lit road outside a country town a boy and girl sit stranded headlight beams mix with engine smoke animating a shadow dancer the sky is littered in pin holes and corn rows stood like soldiers evening fog spoke in deep tones "for you, the days will get no older" and there they were shrouded in their consciousness and there they were like children jumping a playground fence the stars were brilliant between the space folds music rang from highway ditches they knew the light that shone was so old a million light years traveled in the distance wet grass smelled of living earth for which they'd soon be below then they both began to float and realized this is all they know there in the warmth of the night we are nothing now he saw her gaze, lost to the sky we are nothing now she took his hands like the starts were crashing down we are nothing now they began to float leaving their bodies behind them we are nothing, now they found warmth in the folds of the universe we are nothing, now they passed time by watching sun die we are nothing, now their lips touched, but they fell through each other we are nothing, now flashing lights sang their final goodbyes and they finally disappeared
oh dear lover, can we take a swim ill drag you out hand in hand, to the ocean where i live and we can tell each other secrets amidst the waves and i'll swear to god again i'll hold you up so high and i'll swear that i'll never lie again oh dear lover, please take my hand i'll show you my heart, if you'll give me your land and we can climb the highest tree and blow kisses on to the clouds and with a great gust of wind we can watch the pieces of your heart blow out when the feelings are gone, you'll ask, "why is my chest bleeding?" let me cut through all my lies and tell you something, love is fleeting
Carbon c14 05:11
i was under the impression that me and you and really just same cause while our fingerprints our different the carbon is still flowing through our veins help me please, is this really what i'm made of help me please, is this carbon which im so afraid of i was riding on my bicycle when jesus rode right up to my side he said, those bastards thought they got me, i've been feeding on the apple tree inside help me please - is this really what i'm made of help me please - is this carbon which im so afraid of i said sir will you reveal to me the answer that is your true name he said don't you dare call me mohammed, ghandi, or jesus cause you know we're all the same help me please, is this really what im made of help me please, is this carbon which im afraid of ...all these words i wrote are true and we are all alone then the dirt and rocks are all we got say a prayer now cause your starting to rot i'll admit i'm was jealous of abel it's so convenient to trust in fables I am I that weak to call you real are these my hands on the steering wheel i just to feel you, i just want to be you i just want to fear you like i did when i was young just want to hear you, i just want to see you i just want to fear you like i did when i was young we were like giants, we were like giants on the earth for the first time
Good Times 05:03
cut, paste, copy a face for every lie like a mask, cold cropped, full lips and a wink of the eye baby you might think you know me from the smile draped across my face but my shadow trail that follows leaves a ripple in every wake you don't know me the sun wont show me until tomorrow there's only truth, so good night you don't know me i don't know you until tomorrow, so fuck you and good night i was caught up in the moment of a good time you showed me pictures of your family, standing in your sunday best you wore a familiar scent of perfume and your face shone of porcelain glass i said baby don't you notice that we're alone when we come to rest the ground will grab you by the feet and eat you, don't count your breaths chorus, then, like, another typical 16 bar build to an orchestral jam because i never know how to end songs.
sometimes you can be drowned in a moment. that is what this song is about. --- we were caught in the pouring rain and you asked me if i'd mind if we could retreat to a secret place buried in the dust of time your took me to the water's edge our feet were bare; our hands bound we waded till the current swept away the thoughts of our old town the trees hung low along the river banks forgotten kings with tarnished crowns they gazed as if they knew our names and told us stories as the sun went down by moonlight some ghosts did rise like memories from our childhood with them we bottled fireflies lanterns for when we venture to darker woods we leaned back into the summer breeze just as the rain came pouring down arms Spread; water hit her face this is what is feels like to drown at that moment she took my hand and said surrender to the stars now cause your nothing but dust my love this is what feels like to drown
Ask The Dust 04:47
somewhere in the world a god has been created he will mirror all our faces he will free the human race from binds of dust lord, have mercy on me there are cynics like me content to find our own to bad i always call out to your name when i'm left out in the cold lord have mercy on me i cant remember the last time i said a prayer i believe that maybe there is something greater beyond all recognition a universal bind i believe it's the essence of religion a truth learned when we die somewhere in the world a god has been forgotten but his face is not all lost, like a bag of sand cast out to sea oh lord have mercy on me they were soaking summer sun watching clouds, they were lovers and while both found divinity they saw it different from each other lord have mercy on me chorus go and ask the dust, brah!
i was runnin from the devil on my seven speed bicycle he dun caught me and stole my wallet now i cannot go to the club tonight he can take my smile and i'll be well but if he takes my bicycle he can go to hell i was running from the devil on my seven speed bicycle he dun stole my wife and doggy dog just barks but my wife did love me time to get down, yo he can take my smile and i'll be well if he takes bicycle he can go to hell.
Best Friend 04:17
oh jesus did you need a friend like judas just like god planted the tree and a snake to confuse us oh devil did you need a friend like jesus without good could evil even be or is it born from within us where will i find you under dust and rocks that bind you no telescope will see through when i have yet to find myself i see you with my own face created by the day's grace while we were worshipping ourselves all along we've been worshipping ourselves
J. L. Hudson 05:52
are you feeling sinister behind your hazel eyes are you plotting out the storm as a catalyst before the rising tides history books and religion won't teach you much about the stars but with shoes up on his crucifix show you that when gods die, they die so hard i was wading on the west branch fishing the au sable watching ghosts floating by, like dead angels from the rubble one asked me if i knew of a man in the sky who hangs the stars for all to see as dusk descends to night i said who sir, who am I to answer such a question for my reaper came to greet me as i lied in my confession he said then you aint the only one forgotten here on this river i lost my heart along these banks, help me search, fellow sinner are you feeling sinister behind your broken sky the clouds part ways to visions, make you incision to the afterlife access granted to only you and noone else, side for those who share your wealth when did magic lose it's logic, and illusion to keep warm one's own self i walking down in detroit when a man tapped my arm he was a ghost from 84 with a tigers tshirt on we floated above the buildings as asked me to take his hand and led to the base of where the JL hudson used to stand he said son, if you may have noticed as these times have come to pass that all great things, while they touch the sky, will someday come to rest we'll have houses, love, and jesus until we touch the stars but while we're here on the ground, when gods die, they die so hard


released November 8, 2011

All songs written by Joe Hertler
Engineered, Produced, and Mixed by Kevin Pritchard
Additional Production by The Rainbow Seeker Production Team of America
Additional mixing provided by the Extended Rainbow Seekers Network
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica by Joe Hertler
Background Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bird Screetch and Broomstick by Ryan Hoger
Electric Bass, Upright Bass and Background Vocals by Kevin Pritchard
Drums and Auxiliary Percussion by Rick Hale
Additional Gang Vocals provided by Aaron Stinson
Violin and Viola by Alex Applegate
Trumpet by Ross Hoksbergen
Managed by Irving Ronk

facebook: www.facebook.com/joehertlermusic
tumblr: www.joehertler.com
twitter: www.twitter.com/joehertler

Mastered by Jim Roll of Backseat Productions.


all rights reserved



Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers Michigan

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