the Hard Times LP

by Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers

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    I just finished the physical pressing of my album, the Hard Times LP. The idea was to make something tangible. You know, with that vinyl-esq’, aesthetic feel to it; something that people could [hopefully] really appreciate. Every single one is completely original and it is an amazing feeling to have finally finished this project. You can view the whole photo set by clicking:

    Each album is completely original and comes with a hand drawn CD and 5 high quallity photo prints. Below are 5 examples of my artwork.

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i saw a man with a telescope to his eye watching the stars late at night. i asked him what are chances of the universe retracting back inside he said son, to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion follow the roots from the ground up, as the stars we seek are only blinding
it's late at night and im on old medicine and my closet is full, but i'm about to make amends right now, right here, i will let it be known... ------chorus in this room, by myself i'll let you in, if you don't tell because of me, he was crushed oh my god, he was crushed ------bridge will time dig up where secrets won and show it was the hand and not the gun it's late at night and the floorboards are trembling and the blankets cast over, but it don't hide none of them we all have old ghosts, so let's let it be known in this room, by myself do you fear, in what you dwell because of me, he was crushed oh my god, he was crushed --- do you know what it's like to have something inside like a ghost from the past that is still so alive and as hard as you try you can't let it out and when i do i find that i'm in this room, by myself where heaven can be just like hell because of me, he was crushed oh my god, he was crushed
i'm here in my room again dancing with a ghost who i used to know but i'm face down in my bed and three years of memories come pouring down like a thunderstorm drowning out my head and i want it to dry out andleave cause when there's a ghost in your bed it can get so hard to sleep and with every lightning flash your face come back right from the clouds and you float right down and lie down next to me i reach out to touch your hair but my fingers find nothing but air i can see you bright as day but i'm so alone i'm just dancing with a ghost i'm just dancing with a ghost this last weekend i stood on the shores of lake michigan and i watched the waves move sand around my feet at this time i was so afraid cause you were the home in which i stayed and now im left here standing on two feet thinking about the day i watched you leave and all the secrets that lay beneath the sheets and i miss you
i'll admit that I'm a dreamer falling asleep, admits a flock of sheep vacation comes on when i'm sleeping cause these crowded rooms, wont get me home soon the universe is expanding, i just hope that she comes back captain prepare the men for landing cause these seas are rough, our friends have already sunk --- do you ever try to remember the first snow on that cold december your phone call, that i didn't even want but it put the breath back in our lungs, and blood in our veins --- i'll admit that i'm a dreamer it's just this loneliness, made me unpack and regress but always when i'm sleeping you slide back in, right into my bed so i pulled your heart out of my suitcase i'm leaving today, skipping every other wave you'll be standing in the water where i held you once, where your heart still pumps --- maybe you'll see me swimming maybe you'll have yet to forget me you'll standing alone in the water and i'll wrap you up tight and we'll sink all the way deep down ---- i've always been a fucking dreamer cause reality , is so blinding this ship is all but sinking and i'm in the crows nest, fighting for one last breath you always knew i was dreamer while i was lost in the clouds , you were here on the ground oh love what have you done
i grew up in a house that was made from wood and nails and tall tales just like the one's that you used to tell up here in the great midwest we ripped the clothes right off our chests and the rain cleaned out our lives baby death brings life, death brings life i don't mind all the lies in the air cause I hold on to a truth that hardly causes me to care entropy burnt me down like a wooden house and a king a cross and the 12 who were lost told me not to look back don't you dare look back now i was the first born just like cain and abel and with my heart in my hand, i took back the land you bet i looked back, god damn i looked back i don't mind all the lies in the air cause i hold on to a truth that hardly causes me to care and if love is real, does that equate to my faith and if so, why don't you take this heart from this face and they said to come back home
i took a walk through this old dead town as intersection lights gave me direction through the fog with my shadow at my side, we searched on for a home but he'd vanish between the lights, as to remind me i'm alone in downtown pontiac we sat side by side and silence won the war as the drunks passed us by i guess i kinda missed you, thus i do apologize i let the flowers wilt, i didn't think they'd ever die... and that was the last time damn you loneliness, what you can do a decent man while you break us at our knee's, you compose with a potter's hand as my cigarette burns the smoke floats on with your memory while the shore binds be so as I dream out with the sea in downtown pontiac we sat side by side your dress was filled flowers as the drunks passed us by i thought that if i kissed you maybe it would be alright but you left, so i wandered on through pontiac that night... and that was the last time
i was born between two lines heaven and hell, for me, oh, how they've tried time reminds us that things have already passed by against a thing like that, what need is there to try i was born other day i washed in through your window while waited you waited in the pouring rain i don't know where, but we'll all end up in the same place and there we will mix with the water and become the same do you think maybe I'll stand a chance against a thing like that, against a thing like that when mary asks to see my hands will he take me back, will he take me back this how the world begins and how it ends but what if I decide to dive back in x4
sometimes i want to go back home but i didn't think the price would get this low im not interested in hollywood i just want you to know that that i understood someone asked me if there's a ghost in our town i said yea, im pretty sure that he's still around and he's one more reason that i want to stick around i don't want to let go when no one else is listening i can feel my heartbeat at my beat so i dug a hole right down to my soul and that's where you'll find me i love you cause your so good when all the trees fell just one stood i feel safe inside of these woods now if heaven and hell would just put down their books i heard the news it was last night as my shadow dodged between the lights it reminded of all the times that i watched phantoms dance with fireflys and when no one else is listening i can feel my heardbeat at my feet so i dug a hole, right down to my soul and that's where you'll find me.
i've been talking shit lately bout the ones I love the most She said, oh how your nose has grown and i replied if there is any truth in me, then the truth be told since when did the world get spinning so fast makes me wish i had spent more time [with you] she said welcome to michigan i think i know how you feel --- i read today that the world ended the other day guess i must have missed it so in bed I stayed and I thought this time that i could defeat time i aint hear no buildings crumbling, gunshots thundering, aint no king of men welcome to michigan she said --- everything, is a little farther than it seems guess i just miss my friends i tried to hide what keeps me alive but it just buries me instead i tried, i tried still stuck in this web of all my lies she said welcome to michigan i think i know how you feel --- i read today that the world ended the other day guess i must have missed it so in bed I stayed and I thought this time that i could defeat time i aint hear no buildings crumbling, gunshots thundering, aint no king of men welcome to michigan she said --- we've walked through bone yards of angels can you hear them calling out your name that is the sound of a thousand broken hearts and i'm the one to blame i've walked through the fire, i've been bound by the chains but the blood on our lips is what makes us the same she welcome to michigan, let me wipe away your tears i forgive you
daniel if you could please explain this dream i saw a cross in a courtyard and a man on his knees he dropped a book from his hands and it burned on the ground an old tree loomed over before when he knelt like the one in your backyard that's got a story to tell he took a watch from his pocket and smashed it on the ground daniel could you please explain this to me how'd i lose faith in symmetry I know a ghost who, when then nights grow still, she plants flowers in my backyard and in the morning they wilt the sheet that she wears is always wet around her face one time she asked me on a soft summer night if i could water all those flowers so in the morning they wouldn't die i said baby ask the fireflies daniel i call to you from above why have i lost faith in love i'm losing faith in so many things these solid grounds aren't really what they seem one thing's for sure, the days will march on and time dont care if you think your in love
i was born in my backyard, where the detroit towers melt into the ground and from their ash, sprout hills and trees, which shade suburbia keeping her hands clean here tonight to keep us stable, is the virgin mary drinking boxed wine across the dinner table in orion the tree's grow old with the past they whisper, those were good kids to bad the marriage didn't last don't ever look behind, you may see your past. and if I ever hit the finish line, maybe i'll understand one year we changed, amidst autumn's leaves and the good wind carried us back to sea out on the waves, the salt wore off our skin which released the the first grader, who's ready to swim in the cheap seats of a parking lot filled with doves i remember this place where i kissed the girl who i first loved i was born in my backyard, under the shade of a tree i was born in my backyard, and i'm still dreaming a foundation is something that we all desire but suburbia's walls are no more than fuel for fires i've given angels so many hours to water backyard flowers where is the home, that i know that has yet to be found and when it snows will i go, or will i still stick around can i come back to orion and find again a childhood can i come back to your rolling hills and veer off the path of paint creek trail can i come back without solitude and hide once again in your deepest wood cause your voice is not one that i want to lose and if love finds me i will not refuse your a son of a bitch, dear orion your a son of a bitch, dear orion
i've got my gym shorts on with two wings strapped on cascading through concrete streets on the run i am a child, the sky scraper's son the lake winds blow cold but i'm the warmest soul as the sun hits the windows it reminds me of the fires of old the blood of calumet runs through our veins riding the saddle of instrustry's reins we'll paint chicago all black and white and try to play our pieces right the night is growing old but i'm growing younger this is what always to happens when lost in the suburbs world fair ghosts have been singing for 200 years skyscrapers are sentinels casting shadows from the canopy raining above but their walls are so thick and hold secrets deep within with the wind at my back and a brush in my hand the highway spills paint like a river through land we'll paint chicago all black and white and maybe play our pieces right we'll paint chicago all black and white checkerboard sidewalks, how they provide the next move, and maybe we'll make it through the night if we play our pieces right
don't you believe me cause you left me to drown and i'm so worn out i'd like to say i tried my best to get you back, i must admit but i don't know how --- i'm no man, just a mountain how will you get around me you will climb on the back of another man he will take you to the top but your ghosts will refuse to stop he'll take you above the clouds which will hide what you left back on the ground --- i tried to escape from this as shown by 3 lines and a wrist and im so worn out you didn't mean to point it out that this mess was all my fault and i believed it all --- i pray everyday that what matters will work it's way through the blood in our veins and that happiness finds its way now if he gets you the top and the ghosts retract their claws and through him bliss is found then content i'll be back on the ground ---
i stood on the banks of the au train in northern michigan as mayflies dipped down like angels over the water god forbid i was a little drunk god forbid i was singing to myself as the wind pushed harmonies through the willow that i stood under [i loved you, elena] at some point the creek swept me out from my feet but i hear the water's clearer the farther you get downstream now i don't know what i've been told but as river bends so does your soul i hear home is where you make it so i kept on swimming [i loved you, elena] late that night the reflection of the moon on the water looked like a million tiny shards of glass but then the river started rumbling as I washed on down a waterfall i held my breath and thought that this is the end but then as the sand cleared i saw a saw a familiar face and her dark hair, which was so filled with secrets, said boy don't be afraid i reached out to her and pleaded, take me with you then, as she disappeared downstream she whispered, the river always runs through [i loved you, elena]


The Hard Times LP, as of 3:39am on January 28th, 2010, is now finally complete! I'd encourage you to re download the album, as the recently uploaded tracks sound much nicer than the previous ones.

All these songs were recorded solely by myself in my bedroom / studio in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I'm a huge fan of my state and the character of it's landscape. In my free time, I like writing, photography, cooking, skiing/snowboarding, computers, audio hardware, vinyl, fly-fishing, and comic books. I have a lot of hobbies to say the least. Thank you for everyone who's downloaded this album. Honestly, it means the freaking world to me.

love, joe

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released October 31, 2009

I wrote, recorded, and made about 99% of this entire album with my own voice, instruments, camera, and recording gear, but if I hadn't had the opportunity to meet the following people, well... this whole music thing probably would never have happened. Really, I can't even explain how thankful I am.

Lauren Deming
Jon Leaf
Jeff Pianki
JT Royster
John Krohn [who mastered this album]
Doc Holliday
My Roommates
Kads and Chase
Mom, Dad, and Kate
and all the homes in which I've made

The top four people are really great musicians, so google them asap! You won't regret it.


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